The Catch Of the Day !


ትኩስ ዓሳ በየቀኑ !

A fish that's better for
you and our planet.
With a crowd-pleasing flavor and meaty bite,
ASA Ethiopia helps you eat smarter and more sustainably.
It's time to expect more from your food.
There are many kinds of fish in the sea, but few as healthy
and environmentally-friendly as Tilapia.
mild white fish that is
low-fat and low in calories.
if you do not normally like fish, tilapia's mild flavor may help you change your mind. This fish fits well into many recipes and takes on the flavor of other ingredients.
Lean and Satisfying,
it's the Perfect Protein
Every bite is packed with protein, with just A 4-ounce fillet of broiled tilapia has less than 150 total calories,
Doing Good,
Tastes Great
Between 10 and 35 percent of your calories need to come from protein to support muscle growth and tissue repair.